Brand New Model F Keyboards May Update: Mass Keyboard Assembly Continues

Mass assembly continues at the factory. This photo of in progress F62 inner assemblies is from a week ago (the factories had a holiday break this first week of May).

We are still aiming for completion of all keyboards by the end of this month.

As noted earlier the factory caught a production error in the curve radius of the bottom inner assemblies and has been correcting all those parts before those parts can be assembled. Because of this error it was not practical to ship the first 500 keyboards first so now the expectation is that all the keyboards can ship soon after the end of this month.

Also as a reminder I have ordered extras as part of the early bird round so you can still order a keyboard and accessories and have it ship as part of the early bird round!

Meanwhile the factory is assembling all the other parts. So far the spring assembly and inner assembly closing is being done by custom built machines and the key, barrel, and spring installation is being done manually (they noted that the pick and place machine design for these custom components would exceed the cost of labor).


Some news on the bottom inner assembly front. While fixing the bottom inner assemblies the stamping tool broke, but now it has been fixed and it produces a curve that is to spec. They are now able to resume correction of the parts. Attached is a photo of an unfinished compact bottom inner assembly showing a within tolerance match to the specified radius. The curve tolerance is important because an accurate curve allows a more equal spacing of each barrel between the top and bottom inner assemblies. Too much or too little space between the sandwiched metal plates would have affected the sound. IBM Model F plates maintained the same radius tolerance even 35 years after they were made!

The expectation is still for all assembly to finish by month end, though the now-resolved bottom inner assembly issue may delay things by a week or two.

fixed bottom inner assembly

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