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Terms and conditions Effective 1/1/2016 – by placing an order you agree with the terms and conditions on the home page of the web site (primarily in the “Project notes/terms and conditions” section near the bottom). You are buying a “SPECIAL ORDER” made-to-order product that may take more than one year to produce and deliver to you. Everything will ship in one box with the product, even if you ordered an original IBM Model M keyboard or other keys.  All sales are final.  International shipping note: Please ask me for a discounted shipping quote if you are outside the US and are ordering more than one keyboard – or Ellipse on DT/GH. For one keyboard shipped internationally, the web site quote is correct because these are bulky boxes and are heavy! Unfortunately USPS international shipping costs went up a lot in January 2016.

Proxy shipping note: I asked a few times if anyone was willing to proxy ship for Europe/Asia/Australia but there were no takers. Proxy shipping means they would accept many orders in their region (Europe/Asia/Australia) in one combined box (that is, everyone who agreed to be part of the proxy shipment) and then mail out keyboard boxes individually within their country to save on shipping costs. Due to the recent USPS shipping cost increases feel free to post on the GH/DT threads if you want to arrange proxy shipping with someone who lives in your region. It seems like there was not much savings from those who looked into it.

Other Policies:

  • Refund/cancellation policy:  Given this is a “SPECIAL ORDER” made-to-order product with an expected lead time of more than one year, refunds and/or cancellations can not be accepted once your keyboard goes into production (keyboards are currently in production).
  • Privacy policy:  I will not sell your personally identifiable information.  Cookies are used on this site to store details about your visit; by browsing and/or ordering you are agreeing to the use of cookies.  Under no circumstances am I able to view or save your full debit or credit card information:  only the payment processors are authorized to do so (PayPal and at this time).
  • Delivery policy:  Since you are ordering made-to-order items, stock is not kept and you will need to expect an extended production and shipment time frame specified above.  Items will be delivered by a common carrier (USPS, FedEx, or UPS) and you may need a signature for the mail carrier to release the package.
  • Company Name, mailing address and contact information:  MODEL F LABS LLC, 600 Franklin Ave. #7170, Garden City, NY.  Phone:  516 874 6411.  Email:

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