IBM Model F Quality Control Secrets REVEALED! Adjusting keys + springs Brand New Model F Keyboards

I just finished the third Model F instructional video: how to fix buzzing springs and non-working keys on your Model F keyboard. Check out the other videos in my channel for additional instructional videos on the Brand New Model F keyboards. As a note, this is the QC process I go through for each new Model F keyboard – it is one reason it takes more time than expected for each one to go out. The factory also goes through this QC process before me on each keyboard and I have asked them to improve on this for the final round.

Also a high quality sound comparison of the New Model F Keyboard vs. two original IBM Model F PC XT Keyboards and a Model F 122-key keyboard.

Over 100 Brand New Model F Keyboards have shipped so far!  Once I can start mass sublimation I am hoping to pick up the pace significantly.  As I asked in my prior blog post I am open to having volunteers help get these keyboards out on a Saturday – so far I’ve gotten some interest but the more the better!  Please let me know if you’d like to help in a couple months from now.

As an update I am working on what should be the final fixes to the dye sublimation setup.  Progress has been disappointingly slow on this but I think this is the final aspect of the setup that I was missing (recent results were inconsistent).