In one minute, how can you help the Brand New Model F Keyboards project?

As mass assembly finishes in the coming weeks and the project wraps up in the coming months, I could definitely use some help from anyone reading the blog.  Even if you have just one minute!

What I need help most with is getting the word out to the various people who may be interested – even if you have not yet joined the project.  My goal is to be able to afford to make as many new Model F keyboards as possible.

Most people don’t know about buckling spring keyboards and many of those who do only discovered the project by chance / by a Google search!

I am sure that many of you know one or more people who might want to learn about the project but are not active in the keyboard forums and may not know about buckling spring.  It would be a great help if everyone reading this could let 1-3 or more people, or other online communities/social media know about the project.  Chyrosran22’s excellent YouTube review of the Model F would be a great link to send someone or post:

After hearing from many of you about what drew you to the Model F project, I believe that you might have the best results letting these people know about the project:

  1. The programmer/writer/blogger.  Someone who uses their keyboard a lot for typing and wants a keyboard that could last a lifetime.
  2. The computer/tech/mechanical keyboard enthusiast who wants the best featured keyboard, or someone in the market for a new dependable keyboard who wants the best one.  Many users who have tried the other clicky switches end up with the Model F as their end game keyboard.
  3. The Model F/M user looking to upgrade/looking for a brand new production buckling spring keyboard/those who remember the using an IBM keyboard at school/home/work.