June Update 2: Final Model F assembly starts next month! Pricing changes to reflect free US shipping

Next month marks the start of Brand New Model F Keyboard assembly!  Assembly will start with attaching over 100,000 springs to their flippers using a custom built machine (link below).

After the approval of the springs earlier this month, they have entered production.  Outside of the keys this is the final part we were waiting on.

The factory will make about a thousand springs next week to start with, and then official Brand New Model F Keyboard assembly will start with the spring-flipper attacher (photos here)!

I will then inspect the quality of the first production springs on the flippers to make sure they are in line with the approved samples they provided.

Pricing changes:  free US shipping now built into item prices; same overall cost though.  I have been getting many questions on shipping, so to make things easier I have changed shipping to be free in the US and increased pricing by the amount of the original shipping charge ($21).  I’ve also disclosed shipping costs for each region on the store page and each Brand New Model F keyboard page.  International shipping has also been discounted to reflect the $21 pricing increase so that the out of pocket is the same with this change.  The accessory key sets have gone up $4 to help cover prototyping overages.  Please note that existing orders will not have to change to reflect the new pricing.  Shipping Rates — US: Free. Canada: $39.92. Europe/Asia/South America: $49.30. Australia/New Zealand: $69.59.


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