Buckling Spring Key Set Holder / Organizer (Keys not included)


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This is a custom stamped Model F / Model M Key Set Holder / Organizer made of transparent plastic.  Keeps keys organized for display purposes and for ease of installation (you know where each key is and do not have to look through a whole bag of keys to find one key).

It is designed to grip the key stems so you can even hold it upside down and the keys are not likely to fall out, but you can remove a key by pulling.  Of course with some force the keys can fall out so it’s not perfect.

While supplies/pricing last. Note: Ships with the F62/F77 orders. Key set not included!  Every sheet had a key set installed on it and that key set has been removed.

Includes an extra row at the bottom to store all your extra keys, as well as a place to store the ISO Enter key (top right of example photo, currently in the spot where a 1.25U key is located).

Note: Small items in the store, like this item, do not ship free unless they are shipping with a keyboard – please contact me for a shipping quotation.


Note: legal, safety, and limited warranty information for this MODEL F LABS LLC product is available to consumers pre-sale and will be furnished upon request, by writing to the email or mailing address at the bottom of this web page.  Of course you’ll get a printed booklet with your order shipment!