Extra F62 Case – ‘Kishsaver” – original or ultra compact style


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If you want an extra color for your keyboard now’s the time to order one – they will not be produced continuously!


Get both the original style powdercoated case and also order an extra ultra compact case if you’d think you might want to switch cases in the future!  You won’t need any extra parts besides this item if you are ordering both the original and the ultra compact style cases.  Included is the smaller bottom inner assembly with each extra compact case order if you are ordering both types of cases (or the larger bottom inner assembly if you ordered a compact case keyboard as well as an extra original style case).

Please note that you are not buying from inventory. All new Model F items will be built to order at the factory.

A note that the ultra compact case colors will not match the original case colors and they will not be powdercoated but instead hard anodized. The ultra compact cases come in regular gray or black.