Extra Plastic Stabilizer Insert for keys


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Extra Plastic Stabilizer Inserts for keys (Horizontal or Vertical) – need 4 Horizontal stabilizer inserts for the standard layout


4 are included in the price if you order the key set with the keyboard – good for the left shift, backspace, enter, and right shift keys. So you only need to buy these stabilizer inserts if you are not ordering a full key cap set with your order and you don’t want to remove them from your old Model M keyboard (they are tough to remove from the barrels!). The full key cap sets include the stabilizer inserts.

You probably don’t need vertical stabilizer inserts unless you want a 2U vertical Enter or + key for your F77 keyboard (these keyboards are only 3 columns wide so I’m not sure there are a lot of possibilities). You can also get them for your other Model F or Model M keyboards.


Buy 4 of this item if you are “bringing your own keys” and prefer to order new stabilizer inserts.  They are often difficult to remove from Model M’s. The photo shows 4 inserts; Qty 4 of this item is required for 4 inserts. Qty 1 only buys one of the inserts!

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