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Ultra Compact Modern Case F77 Model F Keyboard


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Product Description

After much waiting you can now order your ultra compact, modern design F77! You can also order an ultra compact case version of the F62 Kishsaver (see the other store item). Full disclosure, there are only renderings at this point of the case design and the design and colors are subject to change, but the innards will be exactly the same as the original cases, except the bottom inner assembly will be less wide to fit inside the smaller case. The inner assembly will not be red as pictured; it will be black. The colors and finish shown in the rendering are not accurate.

F77 compact case expected dimensions: 38 x 14.5 x 2.5 cm (15 x 5.7 x 0.8 in.)

F77 original case approximate dimensions: 42 x 18 x 3 cm (16.5 x 7.1 x 1.2 in.)

Order this product to receive the ultra compact case version of the F77. This one will have an aluminum case (likely anodized or bead-blasted or the like, not powdercoated) and the USB cable will be removable from the back without requiring you to open up the case.

However please note that this ultra compact version of the case is secondary priority for me compared to getting out the original style case keyboards to everyone who ordered one. So please expect to get yours with the final round orders, but possibly with the early round orders. Lead time is at least several months.

Black key sets will include split right shift key – please disregard the note in the product dropdown menu.

Colors are also not finalized but I expect to have a standard gray (not industrial gray) and black, and possibly other colors like red or blue if anyone’s interested (not confirmed yet). Any suggestions or requests, please let me know.

Also a note that you do not receive the original-style styrofoam packaging with any compact keyboard – the keyboards will be securely packed another way.

A Brand New F77 Model F Kishsaver Keyboard.  The packing slip is an exception and will likely be printed using a dot matrix printer on new old stock dot matrix printer paper 🙂

ISO enter key will be included for ISO blank key set.

For HHKB/split right shift and split backspace printed layouts, custom printed keys will be included: Delete key the size of | \, 1U size | \, stepped Ctrl/Ctrl-style Caps Lock, Caps-Lock style Shift, and 1U Fn.  For the HHKB set with the non-split backspace, you will not receive the 1U | \ key and the | \-sized backspace key.

HHKB style keysets with blank keys will include the extra caps lock and 1U style keys.

The cork-rubber feet from the photos are included free with every order! They ship unattached to the keyboard so you can pick which feet you want and where you want to install them.

If you are using your own keys, you’ll need stabilizer inserts (you can order them from me) or you can take them from your old Model M. Stabilizer inserts are not included unless you buy a key set. You can also order 4 stabilizer inserts by adding 4 units of the “Stabilizer insert” item to your cart.

Please note that you are not buying from inventory. All new Model F items will be built to order at the factory.