Original IBM PC AT Keyboard, Thoroughly Cleaned, original unmodified layout


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Please email me for details on remaining inventory of IBM Model F PC AT keyboards.

However if you are considering this IBM PC AT keyboard, I recommend you consider the Brand New Model F Keyboards (click the home page for more information!) which all feature a native USB controller with NKRO, fully customizable with function layers, macros, and the option to customize each key and layout.  Any questions feel free to check out the home page and email me.

This is your chance to own a thoroughly cleaned IBM PC AT buckling spring over capacitive PCB keyboard from 30 years ago, fully tested and in excellent condition. The spacebar actuation force mod has been made as well to make the space bar force more in line with the other keys.

Please check out the home page to review all of the features and specifications of the Brand New Model F Keyboards.

Many enjoy these Model F keyboards because of their superior typing feel compared to other keyboards. They have a pleasant sound in part from a much larger pivot plate at the end of a buckling spring as it clicks and directly contacts a capacitive PCB. With the later, cost-cutting Model M design, the buckling spring pivot plates are much smaller and hit a rubber mat on top of some plastic membrane sheets. This, along with the PC AT keyboards having been made for just a few years compared with Model M’s that were made for decades, is why these IBM Model F PC AT keyboards command a premium for the premium typing experience they provide.

Some details:

1. Thoroughly refurbished and in great vintage condition – keyboard and inner frame assembly were opened up to clean everything, including the capacitive PCB surface inside. Each key, the barrel frames, and the metal plate underneath the keys were hand cleaned. Every key was tested multiple times after cleaning and putting everything back together.

2. The “Spacebar mod” was performed to reduce the actuation force of the PC AT space bar, in order to make it more close to that of the Model M. This involved disassembling the inner assembly and gently adjusting the “bend” of the spacebar’s wire stabilizer to make it less extreme.

3.  Shows signs of usage and wear including scuffs in the plastic, and has some rust on the metal plates which is characteristic of virtually every Model F I own. As this computer component is around 30 years old, no warranty is offered.