New in Box, New Old Stock factory customized IBM Model M keyboard, May 1993 production


New in Box, New Old Stock factory customized IBM Model M keyboard, May 1993 production


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From a small custom run of IBM Model M keyboards done in May 1993, part number 59G7981.  Low serial number under 0005000.  These keyboards were designed to be a drop in replacement for older IBM PC AT computers and their 5 pin DIN ports, whereas almost all other Model M 101-key keyboards (save the 1390131 and maybe some others) feature a PS/2 cable.

They will work like any other Model M keyboard with the included 5 pin DIN to PS/2 adapter cable (pictured, not made by IBM).

The box is an extra long box – a little longer than the regular IBM Enhanced Keyboard 1391401 boxes that I also have available.

These keyboards come with a very rare IBM SDL to 5 pin DIN gray cable for direct usage with a PC AT 5170 type computer.  Some come with a rare instruction manual (availability of manual not guaranteed).

The logo is not a square silver metal badge like the 1390131, however, but instead these keyboards have the standard 1990s blue lettering oval badge.

Box may have been opened and tape may have been cut for inspection.

It would be great to have your brand new production Model F keyboard adorned with brand new, original Model M keycaps!  Or if you are a collector you would have a brand new Model M keyboard added to your collection in addition to a brand new Model F keyboard!  Not too many people will have both of those!


Photos available upon request (the one in the photo is not the one you will get) – feel free to discuss with me beforehand. All orders ship together – to have this one ship separately, feel free to pay separate shipping for this item and let me know you’d like it soon.


I also have brand new, completely sealed foam IBM Model M keyboards from the late 1980s here:

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