Original IBM Industrial Space Saving Keyboard (SSK), part 1395682


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The very last one available!  The bottom case part of this keyboard was the actual one sent to China to create the custom mixed Industrial Gray powdercoated case color for all Brand New Model F Keyboards.  It was thought lost for two years but was recently found and is being sent back to me.

Brand New Model F Kishsaver F62 and Industrial F77 Keyboards are now available to customize and order – check out the home page for more information!

If you like the Industrial SSK Model M you will love the Model M’s predecessor, the Model F – built to a much higher standard with much more metal on the inside and a metal case!

The pictured item is the one that sold to an international collector in mid-2015.  I can send high-res photos of the actual item for sale upon request.

A great option for collectors – buy both a new F77/F62 keyboard and Industrial SSK and use some of the rarest and most in demand keycaps that IBM has made on your new buckling spring keyboard – those of the factory customized with blue keys Industrial Space Saving Keyboard.

Keyboard is used with the typical signs of usage in an industrial environment (scuffs, scratches, etc.), but thoroughly cleaned and restored.  First to buy this listing will own it – it goes away once the item has sold.

Note: Bolt Modding may be an extra available service.  I may or may not choose to bolt mod this keyboard after a thorough inspection.

Given the age of the keyboard (more than two decades old!) it is sold as is, with no warranty of full functionality.  However given these keyboards’ history of repairability and long service life I do not foresee any impossible to repair situations.