Original Model F keycap set (just two available!)


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These are super-nice one-piece XT keys with extra bold legends and superior quality to later production keys, thoroughly cleaned and restored to great condition. They were all built to IBM’s original quality standards. I really like the quality on these keys.

You can order this set if you want the absolute best typing experience on your keyboard. This order includes factory installation of these used keys on your F77/F62 at no extra charge.

A note that some keys did not exist in the standard format for the XT and F122s, like the modifier keys, Enter, space bar, and other keys for example, so you will be getting those keys installed from some of my spare, used key sets or from a new set.

Note: Ships with the F62/F77 early bird orders. If you want this part of your order earlier I can ship it separately now if you cover the extra shipping – please let me know.