xwhatsit Beam Spring (two left!) or Model F USB controller


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xwhatsit Beam Spring (two left!) or Model F USB controller


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This will be my last batch of beamspring controllers so if you have a beamspring keyboard or plan on getting one in the future please reserve your controller soon!


This listing is for one controller (a few from the group buy are pictured).

These beamspring controllers should work with the IBM Beam spring 3101, IBM 3276, IBM 3278, IBM 3727, and IBM 5251 among others.  These do not work on displaywriter beamsprings – you need a different controller for those.

The Model F controllers (old models) should work with all Model F keyboards that have separate controller boards (non-XT style) and the Model F controllers for new models are for the reproduction Model F F62 and F77 keyboards.

Note: Ships with the F62/F77 orders. If you want this part of your order earlier I can ship it separately now if you cover the extra shipping (message me for the shipping cost). Just add units of the store item “other customizations in $1 increments” and choose free local pickup if you are only ordering controllers.

A note that these controllers are not required for your Brand New F62/F77 keyboard – controllers are included and installed with each F62/F77 order.

You can order an xwhatsit controller designed for your 1980s Model F or for your new production Model F.  They are not the same controller though they are both interchangeable if you use wires instead of the ribbon cable (I recommend using the correct one that matches the pitch of the respective ribbon cable for each keyboard type).

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