PSA: A note on package theft and porch pirates – how you can help

Millions of packages are stolen every year, from what I have recently read.

Unfortunately the contents of a delivered Brand New Model F Keyboard order appear to have been stolen recently.  I am working with the buyer and through proper channels to investigate the matter and cannot comment further on it at this time.

There are some misconceptions on this topic, but if a package is delivered and then the package and/or its contents go missing (possibly from “porch pirates”), the seller is not held responsible for paying for a new order, and shipping insurance does not cover packages after they are delivered (though some of the big companies can afford to take the loss and decide to replace the order, or mandate buyer-friendly resolutions as a matter of policy so some buyers mistakenly believe they have no liability for any package theft from any company they order from).  It is a similar situation to someone breaking into your car or house and taking your property – the place you bought the item from is not responsible. I know this does not seem fair but that is the current state of the matter.  Obviously please do first check with those who live around you as someone may have taken in the package to help you.

How you can help:

  1. Please email me immediately about any Brand New Model F listings that you see that are not mine, as they may be stolen property and I can first check the serial number and, if needed, alert the proper channels.  Each keyboard has a serial number I can track to a specific owner, and I know the serials that are reported missing vs. if someone is just selling what they ordered which is fine (a serial number not listed as missing is not a problem).  If the serial label has been defaced or removed, it may be a stolen item.
  2. I will recommend again that everyone orders signature confirmation if someone is not able to be there to accept the package, or arrange to have the package held for delivery by USPS or at a UPS store (I don’t think there’s a cost to hold mail).  For signature confirmation please order 7 units of the store item $1 increments and note “signature confirmation” if interested in that option (this amount is for shipments within the US; contact me for international rates).  This way you prevent the package from being taken after it is delivered.  Given the low rate of package thefts I do not force everyone to pay more; it is optional though theft does happen and you could lose a lot more than $7 if your package is taken after delivery.  When you receive a package, make sure it is approximately the weight you ordered before signing for it and consider refusing delivery if there is a discrepancy.  In my order confirmation emails I add notes on what shipped and what has not shipped, and you can see on the package tracking page the exact weight of the shipment.  A note that your entire order may not ship in one shipment so please be aware that you may correctly be receiving only a portion of what you ordered in one shipment.  The shipping companies usually don’t let you open a package to inspect it before signing, but if a package appears to weigh far less than what was on the label or it looks too small you do not have to sign for it.  A classic case keyboard box is 18 or 21 x 13 x 3 inches (depending on F62 vs. F77) and a compact case keyboard box is about 18 or 21 x 8 x 3 inches.

Check out this article with more details on package theft.