I want to go all out on this thing, and I want a solenoid, but I don’t want it outside the case.
– Which models support internal mount?
– If I choose the solenoid option, do I get the solenoid, or just the board? If just the board, where do I get my solenoid?
– If I want USB-C how do I specify?
– Whqt’s the current estimate on shipping and can it be expedited?
– Are there pictures of the split backspace layout versus the normal one? What goes there if I choose ansi keycaps?
– How do I specify what right-hand block layout I want if I’m choosing one with a right block?

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Great Andy, glad you are joining the project!

-Classic case F62 and classic case F77 support internal mounting of the solenoid and solenoid driver.

-Solenoid gets you the solenoid.  You also need to order the solenoid driver.  Both can be ordered from the same product page – just change the drop down menu selection.

-Sorry you cannot request one or the other internal connector.  To guarantee USB-C internal connector you can purchase an extra xwhatsit Model F controller which are all USB-C, and solder the ribbon cable yourself.  To get a USB-C external connector (for connection to a laptop for example, you can purchase a cable later from another store – either a USB-C to USB-C cable or a micro-USB to USB-C cable).

-Shipping can be expedited with the low/custom serial check mark when configuring your keyboard, allowing you to skip the line.  Current orders should be delivered around year end if expedited, and later if not expedited.

-On the keyboard product page you can specify the right side block for the F77 models in one of the drop down menus.

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