I would like to order a set of HHKB front printed keys along with my keyboard.

I’m guessing that I would order from the front-printed keys page, the number row/f-keys.

Is the HHKB 6-key addon set front printed? It doesn’t explicitly say so on the page, so I’m assuming it’s not.

What about for the rest of the letter keys? On the extra keys page, would I just add one unit for each key in the set, then in the notes specify color for each?

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Yep you have the right general idea!

To confirm:

Front printed keys page is correct for F1-F12 front printing.

HHKB 6 key is not front printed.

The extra keys page is where you can order any front printed or any other key individually – there is no store item or discount on any of these keys.  You’re right on what to do to order them.

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