Is it possible to switch the PCB of the Modern F-77 between the classic/vintage F-77 and Modern F-77 cases? I’m hoping for this interchangeability so I can enjoy the classic case’s appearance but also being able to take the PCB around in the more compact Modern case when I need to bring it to or from places.

I also would like to claim serial No. 265, whether it’s available on either the classic or the modern F-77 case. How would I go about that, seeing as there’s both an option to tick on the buying options of the keyboard itself, as well as a separate item that I can purchase to buy a special serial number?

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Yes the keyboards are interchangeable between case types but it takes some time to change them (you have to take off all the keys and substitute the bottom inner assembly plate.  Definitely not something that one would want to do often.)

265 is available as of now – feel free to choose the Yes option in the keyboard customization and enter serial 265 in the keyboard notes text box when ordering.  The separate item is for people to upgrade their keyboards to low serial / skip the line after ordering.

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Thank you for the information. I’ll probably be avoiding taking apart and switching keyboards when possible then.

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