What I want to order is a fully Black Compact F62 with Black Blank key in HHKB Split right shift and Split backspace layout.
And I also want to order a set of Dark Grey printed keycap for the replacement.
Can the Dark Grey printed key of this link https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/extra-set-of-brand-new-production-xt-quality-one-piece-keys/

covered the layout I want?
If not, can the HHKB 6 Key Set in the link https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/front-printed-keys-f1-etc/
match the Dark Grey colour? Really want to see a Dark Grey printed keycap set on Black Compact F62 before purchasing.
Thanks so much!

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Thanks for your interest in the project LivK!
The add on sets (HHKB, front printed function keys, Apple/Mac keys) are all extras and you can order them in standard colors, industrial ssk blue, and dark grey.  The standard full 103/104 key sets do not include any add on sets.  Please specify “dark grey” in the notes section of the add on sets that you are ordering.

Sorry I don’t have photos of the dark grey set available.

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