Am I to understand that this is an exact replication of the f62? Does it have the same issue that the AT has with the spacebar being extremely heavy? has that been remedied? Does it have any issue that would prevent it from being for gaming? Which option is pictured in the pic that looks identical to the original?

Also, when is the latest date to purchase one as it is very expensive at 400 dollars.

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You are buying a close reproduction to the Model F F62 and F77, with a new native USB controller with GUI.  To get the closest to original option please pick ANSI layout with regular printed keys.

This project uses the Model M style spacebar so there are no weighting issues.

This keyboard has NKRO and should not be problematic for gaming; IBM designed the Model F to be the best keyboard for typing.

I do not yet know the final date but you will not be able to buy one after the final production round.

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