Hello, I’ve placed an order for the F77, and am curious as to where the Function key will be located on the default ANSI Enter layout.

The HHKB layout option shown has a split right-shift with the Function key on the right, as shown below:


I’m assuming on the normal layout it’ll be between Right Alt and Right Ctrl.

I’m also curious about how this board is going to be programmed. I have a Vortex Race 3 board that is pretty easy to program with that uses a Pn key to program keys. It can also switch layers. I was wondering if this board has an easy way to program it, and if there’s going to be documentation/instructions on how to do it.

Thank you.

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Great Andrew glad you have joined the project!

It will likely be factory set to right ctrl or the key immediately to its left as you suggested, but it can be changed once you receive your keyboard.

The open source xwhatsit GUI software and firmware control the keyboard.  It is very easy to adjust.  Feel free to check out the instructions and other files here:  http://downloads.cornall.co/ibm-capsense-usb/

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