Last questions before ordering (and getting all things in one order).
I am planning to get this layout

It differs from XT base set by:

  • F1-F12 front printed keys
  • F77 key,
  • backspace in different row,
  • 3rd num pad option,
  • Split left shift,
  • 4x FN keys.

I also want to be able to put normal size left shift and normal size backspace in the board when the need arises.
If I am correct I need to add those items to the cart:

  • Front printed F row,
  • additional keys ($1 each, 12 overall) for:
    • novelties set (for F77 key) – 3x custom keycaps,
    • HHKB extra set (for shorter backspace) – 3x custom keycaps,
    • F77 Num Pad Set (to create 3rd num pad option from xt base keycaps) – 2x custom keycaps,
    • one extra key (for left shift) – 1x custom keycaps,
    • 3x blank/fn keys (for 4x FN keys, one is included in hhbk layout option) – 3x custom keycaps.
  • additional stabilizers to replace split left shift and split backspace to default length keys – 2x stabilizers.


ps. sorry for the question duplication, but it looks like i posted it on wrong thread.

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Looks good, though additional keys are $3 each (3 units of the store item “$1 increments”)

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