I know I’m running a bit late, but… Would it still be possible to order a classic F77 with the HHKB split-Shift, split-Backspace layout, as well as a split Left Shift like on ISO keyboards?

Furthermore, would it be possible to get extra keycaps and whatever else is required in case I decide to revert the Left Shift or Backspace to their standard sizes?

Finally, I would like to get 5 extra 1U gray (regular darker) keycaps, 5 extra 1U off-white (regular lighter) keycaps, as well as 4 extra 1U mopar blue keycaps (for Esc and the arrow keys) — all blank.

Note: I need 3 1U off-white homing keycaps (for F, J and 5), but I think that comes with the set. If it doesn’t, replace 3 of the 5 extra off-white keycaps from above with homing ones.

All in all, my final layout would look like this. Please tell me how I should check out and how much extra $ I should add for these customizations.


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