if you have decided  ship UPS standard at least to Canada (I used to read complaints from Europe too but have not searched recently) we’ll be hit with a big charge (for slower service)
I know this will be extra work but if possible if you’re going UPS (I hope you are doing USPS which does not do this extra charge) I’d like the chance to pay more for the extra air charges.

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I expect to go with USPS but that may change based on costs.

For your order, I have noted “Ship by USPS”

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I suggest that you please use USPS instead of UPS/Fedex for international orders (to Canada, at least). Those carriers are notorious for adding massive, extra, unwarranted charges to orders under the guise of “processing/handling fees” (sometimes exceeding 100 dollars, completely separate from shipping cost) and pursuing those aggressively. USPS has not done this to my knowledge although they may charge a relatively smaller, fixed handling charge that although annoying, is much more within the realm of reason (around 10 dollars or so.)

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