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A few people asked me how to do an emergency clean firmware load. For example if you store the threshold value too low and you have a layout already programmed, dozens of keys will send signals to your computer randomly and it could lock up your keyboard.

I have provided step by step instructions with photos and screenshots on how to go through all the steps to get your xwhatsit powered keyboard up and running again.

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Maybe a bit related, but when I received my F77 yesterday (wooo!) and plugged it in, the Windows key was “pressed”, along with a couple other stuck keys. To fix, I downloaded the xwhatsit software for Windows, ran ibm_capsense_usb_util.exe, then navigated to the Base Layer tab. From there I tested each key and for a couple, they were stuck. Leaning the keyboard back so the spring appeared in the middle of its home, I reinstalled the plunger and that fixed the issue. Repeat for the other keys.

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