I want to make a well informed decision with the case color as the day these will be produced approaches. Therefore I need to know how representable the pictures are to the final product.

Industrial Gray

For this picture I am especially wondering about the dark gray shade of the case compared to the darker keycaps. I like the fact that the case is darker than the keycaps.

I have seen pictures of other RAL 7030 industrial gray painted kishsavers but I think they look a bit off because the case is not dark enough compared to the rest of the keyboard. Have you made efforts to tweak RAL 7030 to more closely match industrial SSK?

Is the darkness of the case relative to keycaps shown in picture representative of the final product?


I am more skeptic on this picture. Looking at other pictures it seems like the entire picture looks more yellowish.

Can you confirm?

Closing thoughts

Sorry for being a bit pedantic. I just want to make sure I pick the best color possible. It would be lovely if you could answer all my questions.

If these colors are not representative of the final product I would like you to post pictures or video of the final industrial gray and off-white cases with keycaps on so we can compare them.


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