Very interested in purchasing the Model F AT you still have in stock.  I saw your note about the condition of the item, and I was hoping you might be able to post a picture of the actual remaining keyboard.  It would help put me at ease, since I’d be paying $274 for it, and I want to be sure that it meets my expectations cosmetically.  I realize that $274 is a fairly reasonable amount of money to be asking for a working, ANSI-Soarer Model F, but it’s still a lot of money for my wallet.

I realize that it may already be boxed up, and probably difficult to get to, so I would be fine with you vouching for, or describing, the condition of the keyboard.  I know that there is no warranty offered, but I hope that you can guarantee it will work(?).  And is there any chance I could get you to throw in a couple extra barrels and pivot plates?  I’m thinking of doing a spacebar+Alt mod similar to that in the attached image. 

Thank you,


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