I think nothing beats the look of a two-tone color scheme, but I’m also interested in a black case and I think the dark grey keys would be more fitting. Is the dark grey set a mix of two dark(er) greys similar to how the Regular Printed Key Set is a mix of two colors, or is it one solid color?

Also just double checking – there aren’t any printed black key sets? I’m guessing the factory doesn’t have white dye sub capability?


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Great Martin, glad you are joining the project!  The only two color key set is the pearl/pebble (regular colors) set.  The others are all one color.  The dark gray and Industrial SSK blue make a great match, though you’d need to order two key sets to get any combination of colors.  The key tops wear down after a few years of usage so I definitely recommend ordering more than one key set.

For some reason you cannot sublimate a lighter color onto a darker color for PBT; I am not sure the technical reason.


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Excellent, thank you for the detailed response! I had no idea that technical limitation existed with dye subbing light colors onto darker PBT; I guess that explains why dye subbing has fallen out of fashion with modern black keyboards.

Typing this on an XT Model F so I’m very excited to join the 90’s layout-wise 🙂

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