I see that you can produce front printed legends for the function keys.

I am wondering if it is possible to make the following front-printed legends according to the HHKB-layout function layer:

\| (one unit key on spit backspace) – Insert

`~ – Delete

I – Print Screen

O – Scroll Lock

P – Pause

[{ – Uparrow

;: – Leftarrow

‘” – Rightarrow

/? – Downarrow

L – PageUp

.> – PageDn

K – Home

,< – End

And if possible. How much will it cost (it is 13 keys in total)?

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JebK (anonymous) 0 Comments

Bro, just get the regular-sized version. Tiny keyboards only seem cool until you try to use one. Let the man focus on delivering the core orders first, before we run away into combinatoric complexity.

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anonymoose (anonymous) 0 Comments

I had emailed about this as well – I suppose, worst case scenario, Unicomp will do something like this?

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Sorry I will not be printing custom legends or custom side printing.  Maybe I can revisit after all the early bird orders ship in the coming months.

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same person again again (anonymous) 0 Comments

(sorry for so many posts, i get so many additional ideas)

It would also be cool if you could also make a ANSI enter keycap with the following legends:
Top legend: “Return”
Front-printed legend: “Enter”

Then with this and the other suggestions you could make an option to buy these 18 keys that if combined with the front printed F keys would make it so that people can get a keyboard with all HHKB-legends.

So that puts it at 18 keys for this set. How much would it cost?

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same person again (anonymous) 0 Comments

(can’t post comment so I post my comment as an answer)

Is it also possible to produce the following as well?

H – Multiplication
J – Division
N – Plus
M – Minus

How much would it cost then (17 keys in total then)?

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