Hi, thank you for this project! I want to make sure I order all the right things and include the correct customization fees for an F77.

I have a Mac now and see I could get the individual graphic keys for command, option, control, mac delete and mac backspace. But also I have always like the ISO enter and the order has that only with blank keys. Do I need to order another complete set of printed keys? I would like to get extra keys so I could use with Windows/Linux in the future as well. The front printed F-keys and extra parts for the future seem straight forward. Also want to confirm I can use the firmware tool to adjust the keys to accomplish this in the future if I change keys around?

Sorry for complicated question and thanks again!

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Hi Jason, glad you’re joining the project!  I recommend both the below options for anyone considering a custom layout at this time:

Custom layout:

ISO Enter (vertical enter and split Left Shift) and HHKB-Style Split Right Shift  or
ISO Enter (Vertical Enter And Split Left Shift) And HHKB-Style Split Right Shift, Split Backspace

For this item please order 25 units of the store item $1 increments and copy and paste one of the above layouts.

Custom extra keys:

For the Front printed F1-F12 and HHKB sets please order here:  https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/front-printed-keys-f1-etc/

For the 6 key Apple/Mac set please order here:  https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/command-option-keys/

Please feel free to order any of the other pictured keys on this store page – keep in mind that the basic US ANSI key set does not include HHKB keys, Mac keys, front printed keys, etc. as those are all available as extras:

Yes confirmed the QMK configurator tool allows for customization of the layouts, all with a GUI web page that is easy to use.

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Thank you, just got it all ordered 🙌

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