at first: thank you for your efforts, I remember the “model F” touch in some original IBM PC I used in a school lab in the late eighties and I never found it again (and I bought a few mechanical keyboards in the meantime…).
My questions:
1 – is the Italian layout included between the ones I can ask for a the checkout page? If available: since there are a couple of Italian layouts (the main one and one named “Italian 142”), is it possibile to see a picture of the expected layout?
2 – Since my PC and peripherals are “all black”, I would like to know if I can buy the keyboard with a black chassis and all keycaps in dark grey color.
Thank you

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-Yes, please see the available options here:  https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/new-custom-legend-keycaps/

-Yes, I strongly recommend the First Aid Kit for future repairs.  https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/f62-f77-first-aid-repair-kit/

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1.  Yes – please choose ISO, International layout in the keyboard configuration and add “Italian layout” to the notes section.  Here is the approximate Italian Model M layout:  https://i.imgur.com/1O5UPIf.jpg

2.  Yes.  Black is available.  To order dark gray keycaps choose “use my own keys” in the keyboard configuration and order the dark gray premium keys here:  https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/extra-set-of-brand-new-production-xt-quality-one-piece-keys/

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– Since the dark grey keys set is for a full keyboard, does it mean I can change my mind about the right side block (whatever I choose) and reprogram it after receiving it (and switching keycaps, of course)?
– Win key is a blank one? Is it possibile to have some symbol on it? For a similar question you answered to buy and extra customized key for $1 but what I can ask for (if the customized key is available for dark grey layout)
– Do you suggest to buy some specific replacement item (since I live abroad and shipment rates are relevant…)?
Thanks again

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