I’m interested in both models, but I have a few questions:

Would it be possible to order a few colored keycaps with lettering (for a custom layout)?
If yes, which keycap colors would i be able to choose from? Can you offer some red/red-ish color keycaps? How about some (lighter than Industrial SSK) blue or gray-blue color keycaps?

About the front-printed F-Keys: Are they available for different (i.e. ISO layout) or with a custom layout as well? (for example, i would like to have a 1/F1 key with | pipe symbol lettering instead of ! exclamation mark – would that be possible? I wouldn’t care about paying extra!)
Do you offer custom side-printed keycaps beyond F-keys as well?

Would the keyboard controller allow for the programming of a designated multi key (i.e. COMPOSE key)?
And how many function layers does the controller support?


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