I ordered an F77 HHKB layout w/split Backspace, with set #2 for the numpad. I’m confused by the HHKB layout images on https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/f77-model-f-keyboard/. I understand that the second HHKB image on that page is supposed to represent the layout that I ordered, but the six extra HHKB keys mentioned in the description (1.5U Delete, 1U \|, 1.5U Caps Lock, 1.75U Left Ctrl, 1.75U Right Shift, 1U Fn) are already depicted in that image (except for the 1.5U Delete key).

So basically I want to know what keys are included in addition to those depicted in the 2nd HHKB image on that page. I’m not considering the numpad, I know that already.

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