I ordered an F77 HHKB layout w/split Backspace, with set #2 for the numpad. I’m confused by the HHKB layout images on https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/f77-model-f-keyboard/. I understand that the second HHKB image on that page is supposed to represent the layout that I ordered, but the six extra HHKB keys mentioned in the description (1.5U Delete, 1U \|, 1.5U Caps Lock, 1.75U Left Ctrl, 1.75U Right Shift, 1U Fn) are already depicted in that image (except for the 1.5U Delete key).

So basically I want to know what keys are included in addition to those depicted in the 2nd HHKB image on that page. I’m not considering the numpad, I know that already.

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With the HHKB layout selected, you would get the standard 103 key set, plus the HHKB keys described on the product page.  The 103 key set keys are pictured on the key set product page in the store.

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Yes, please see this answered question.  Please note that the legends are not an exact match to the below image.  More photos will be available later this year.


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So to confirm, if I ordered a HHKB-style w/split backspace, I’d get the following keys installed on the keyboard:
1.5U Delete
1U |
1.5U Caps Lock
1.75U Left Ctrl
1U Fn

Plus the following keys included in the order, but not installed on the keyboard:
2U Backspace
1.75U Caps Lock
1.5U Left Ctrl

And the following keys would not be included at all because they wouldn’t fit:
3U Right Shift
1.5U |

Is that all correct?

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