Sorry if this is a real Newbie question, but I’m finding the “New Custom Legend Keycaps and Extra Keys” section a little hard to get my head around.
So a few questions to hopefully clear things up for me.

1. Each individual key costs $4. You just add up how many new keys you require and then put that in the “number required” box (With the “Add to Cart” button directly to the right of it). Is this correct?

2. Do you specify exactly which keys you need in the “Notes” section on the ordering page?

3. There seems to be some conflicting information about what keys are required to make up “option 3”. I understand the keyboard comes standard with all the keys to make up #1 and #2, but the info on the page states you only need to buy an extra “enter” and “plus” key. Shouldn’t you need a “Num Lock” and “Minus” key as well? I don’t see them in any of the standard sets of keys.

Thanks, and I’m really looking forward to this keyboard!

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  1.  Yes you are right
  2. Please specify in the notes text box on the product page (before clicking add to cart”)
  3. Num lock and minus are included in the base key set when you buy your Brand New Model F Keyboard.  The included keycaps in the base key set are shown in the bottom image on the “extra keys” page.
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Thanks for the info! Cleared everything up.

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