I purchased an F62 Kishsaver and I’m very much looking forward to receiving it in the new year.  At some point, I want to mod it with a TrackPoint and place it into a more compact case. I was inspired by this Deskthority wiki entry (https://deskthority.net/wiki/MX13_SpaceSaver_Keyboard), and the GHB buttons shouldn’t be a concern, because I have a set of Model M13 keycaps waiting for their new home on the F62.

I was interested in the Compact model you’re offering, but I don’t have the tools to mod an aluminum case to house the TrackPoint’s buttons.  So, my thought is to have several layers of acrylic cut and then to stack them, not completely dissimilar to the MX13 Space Saver page.

And all that brings me to my question: Is it possible to order just the compact bottom inner assembly?  You mentioned in a post (https://deskthority.net/group-buys-f50/brand-new-f62-kishsaver-f77-industrial-model-f-s-made-this-year-t11046-2070.html#p338974) that the smaller inner assembly comes with the Compact case, but I wasn’t able to find an answer for whether it was available separately.  If it is, then what would be the cost?


Thank you.

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