I ordered a classic F62 with the HHKB layout back in October.  At the time, I was very pleased with the look of the split Right Shift on the F77.  However, the split Right Shift in your most recent video with the Ultra Compact keyboards shows a swapped design that I do not care for as much.  Is it possible to have the Ultra Compact F62 use a split Shift key setup like that of the F77’s?  (Please see attached image for clarification.)

Also, I asked at the time of purchase if it would be possible to switch my order to an Ultra Compact once you released images of the final build.  I think that I would like to do so.  Is this still possible?  If so, I would want the Ultra Compact in Black with black, unprinted keys and the HHKB layout.  I realize you can’t change my order here, and I can email you with my order number and all necessary information.

Thank you,


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