I’m wondering what options I’ll get if I choose to go with a split left Shift layout. I have a few questions:

  1. Will the small 1.25u Shift have a legend that looks like “⇧ Shift” (icon and text) or “⇧” (just the icon)?
  2. Can I choose what legend goes on the 1u key next to it?
  3. Can I choose the color of that 1u key? On most ISO keyboards that key is white, but I really dislike that… I’d like it to be gray.
  4. On a somewhat related note, if I opt for a split right Shift (HHKB), will the 1.75u Shift key be stepped (like Caps Lock) or not?
  5. Finally, do you offer an Alt Gr key? On most ISO Model Ms the right Alt is printed with “Alt Gr” since that key is different from regular Alt.

Thanks for reading.

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Sure no problem!

  1.  Nope there are no new molds for the stepped keys.  You could get some from an original Model F/M or a Unicomp as they are compatible.
  2. I think so but not sure just yet.
  3. No I won’t be doing different sizes with standard legends for the time being.
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