So a bit of context: I am really interested in this project, but I am a Windows user and I also use Visual Studio a lot. Therefore, I often need the Super/Windows key and the Function row. I would like to know how are these keys laid out? More specifically, I am interested in the Ultra Compact F62 or F77 with HHKB Split Backspace layout.

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Great, glad you are joining the project!  I have included renderings of the layouts and function layers on each of the project pages if you scroll down a bit on the page.  These were just added recently so you may have missed them before.

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And just to make sure, is the “blank” key actually a dead key, or is it the “Super/Windows” key? I did not see a firm description on that.

Just to make sure, is the “blank” key on the layout diagrams the Super key?

All keys are working! Even the blank ones. It just has no printing on it. You can make it Super if you’d like. The keyboard even has the ability to split the 2U and wider modifier keys (there are pads built in to each PCB if you wanted to add a flipper and smaller keys).

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