I’m considering ordering a second keyboard, but since I use a custom layout I’d like to have it with basically the US layout except with ISO enter and both left and right shifts split, i.e., 1U \| key between left shift and Z, and Fn key next to right shift. Is this possible, and what layout options should I choose? Also, is it possible to order a Ctrl key that fits in the caps lock position?

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Yes correct!

Please order the 1U unprinted pearl key and the 4 DVORAK keys (still ok to order), all with the “extra keys” store item.  The other keys are included I believe.

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Thanks, I placed my order (#14452), hopefully everything is correct. I also ordered a bunch of other keys for possible tweaking of layout on this and my other keyboard. =)

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Yes this is possible – just configure the keyboard with the regular US key set and please see the previously answered question here for details on what else needs to be ordered for the customization:  https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/questions/question/iso-layout-with-hhkb-for-mac-and-extras/

For your Ctrl question, yes, the HHKB layout will include the swapped Ctrl keys, among other keys noted here:  https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/front-printed-keys-f1-etc/

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Thank you for your quick response!

Just to be clear, this is a quick mock-up of the layout I have it mind: https://imgur.com/a/MliqVC9

If understand correctly, I should configure the keyboard as regular US with HHKB split right shift and backspace, then order 25 times the $1 increment and specify:

ISO Enter (Vertical Enter And Split Left Shift) And HHKB-Style Split Right Shift, Split Backspace

Does this include the 1U backspace key and the 1U extra key between left shift and Z, or do I need to order them separately? Can I get the Fn key in pebble colour as part of the set, or is it always pearl?

And just to complicate things more, I found an old question from 2017 about Dvorak layout. Is it still possible to order these keys for it:

Bumped U
Bumped H
No-bump F
No-bump J

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