I’m a complete newb when it comes to this, so forgive me for the following question: what are the options?

I see:

  • Beamspring USB
  • Beamspring USB (displaywriter)
  • Model F USB (old and new models)
  • Solenoid driver
  • Solenoid

What do these terms mean? (What is a beamspring USB? What is a “displaywriter”, what does the USB refer to, and what are solenoids). From googling around, I see that solenoid is a device to make the keyboard more clicky. How about the others? Are these components required to have a model F working (I am hoping to just plug n’ play into a USB port like a Unicomp keyboard I got).

Thanks! Love your passion for this project.


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You do not need any of the controllers or any other items, though some are recommended to order as spare parts.  The keyboard comes with the controller set up and ready to go.

I sent you an email with additional details and recommendations.  For this project a spare Model F controller would be my only recommendation, though it’s not required (the controller comes with the keyboard).

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