A Bluetooth Wireless Model F Keyboard?

Yes I think a Bluetooth (BLE) wireless Model F will be feasible in the future.  I have discussed with Deskthority user DMA who has designed his CommonSense controller as an alternative to the xwhatsit controller used in this project and that also powers several hundred original IBM Model F keyboards.  He let me know that he was able to get the F122 to run wirelessly on Bluetooth for about 20 hours on a 500mah Lithium Ion battery using the PSoC 4 BLE module and Cyprus development board (you can use this board as is for the Model F to my knowledge).


The CommonSense controller can be designed to be a drop in replacement for the Brand New Model F Keyboards’ xwhatsit controller.

Currently the CommonSense project has working prototypes but other than that it seems to be on hold.  Here is the github page in case anyone is interested in contributing.  Please do check out the Deskthority thread and post questions there.



It would be great if someone could modify DMA’s diptrace files to make it a drop in replacement for the Model F xwhatsit controller – please do let me know if you are able to help!

Dot matrix green bar packing slip:  As we wrap things up now is the time to decide on the smaller aspects. Here is a printer font sheet from the dot matrix printer (for the packing slips). Please let me know on the forum project threads which font you think would be best.

Looks like the current international layouts people asked for are UK, Danish, Swedish/Finnish, Norwegian, French, German, and 3 people asked for Swiss French, Swiss German, or Latin American Spanish (one each). Currently all but the final three will be made, with the strong possibility that the final three will also be available.


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