August Update: Final mass assembly finishing this month!

The factory is on track to finish all early bird assembly by the end of August.  For those not following the posts and updates as closely, everything ships to me for final QC testing and dye sublimation (sublimation happening while I test and prepare an order for shipment – will not wait for all sublimation to finish). It will take a number of months to ship out everything.  Assuming these ship to me in early September, orders should start going out in mid to late October (4-5 weeks total, including time on the container ship and processing and transportation from the port).  The “low serial number” orders go out first, followed by the earliest orders.  There is still time to upgrade your keyboard to low serial number by ordering this store item.

They had expected to finish in June but ran into some trouble:

  1. A number of die cast zinc cases were lost in a factory move and their replacements only recently finished production.  They had to be remade and powdercoated from scratch.  The factory absorbed most (but far from all) of the cost of this problem.  The Model F accessories and key sets available separately are priced a bit higher to help cover the significant cost overruns including those stemming from this issue, so please do consider ordering extra key sets, foam, and other accessories!
  2. Bottom inner assembly issue:  The factory had to remake many of the bottom inner assemblies as they were out of spec (they could not bend them back to shape accurately). The stamping tool broke and took a while to fix. Production finished on these but plating (the golden color finish) has taken longer than expected from the subcontractor. After plating finished, then final assembly was able to resume (can’t assemble and easily store hundreds of inner assemblies without the bottom inner assembly).  Unfortunately for the relatively low quantities of this project we do not get priority timing at the factories – the finishing factories are especially busy.

While the number of completed keyboards did not increase much in July, the factory finished as much as they could without having the remaining bottom inner assemblies, including the key sheet installation (for dye sublimation) and other small item assembly (flipper+spring assembly).

The final parts of the project were completed and arrived at the assembly factory – the product boxes: