Brand New Model F Keyboards June Update: Mass assembly expected to finish this month!

The factory continues assembly this week and they have sent some more photos of in-progress and completed assemblies awaiting packaging (the pictured bubble wrap is temporary).

The plan is to finish all assembly and packaging by month end.

There is still time to order a Brand New Model F Keyboard and be included in the early bird round!  Also you can still order additional keyboards and add-ons and they will likely ship with your original order (yes your spot in line for everything is your earliest keyboard order if you order another keyboard/accessories!).

I sent them 137 unique keyboard variations to assemble, based on what everyone has ordered plus the extra keyboards I ordered for the latecomers (still have some left for the early bird round but running very low on early bird Industrial Gray F77 cases – it would be much appreciated if anyone could message me to switch to Black or Off-White/Beige!).

Also as a note, all offered key layouts have a front printed F1 etc. option with legends specific to their layout.

Nice seeing everyone at Keycon last Saturday in New York City! There was a great turnout and over 430 people signed up!


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