March update: key molds success; production continues

Key Success!  The key factory told me they have successfully corrected the key molds and showed me a video of the new keys and barrels working smoothly!  I will of course evaluate the samples when they arrive in a couple weeks to make sure all tolerances are met.  Below is a photo from one of the new key molds.  Once the PBT material, tolerances, and colors are approved then key production will start.

After that the keys will need to be dye sublimated.  The sample keys from the new factory successfully accepted dye sublimation on their key tops but the dye sublimation techniques to reduce bleeding and ensure deep black text are still being worked on.  As noted in the February update the factory got the key top texture perfect their first try!

Sorry there has not been much to update the first few weeks back into production this month.  The factory is still at work on the project.

The first new production parts will be shipping this week – those who ordered only F122 or F107 foam!  If you need your foam early and would like separate shipping please let me know.

The ultra compact cases and inner assembly parts are still in production.  Some unfinished F77 ultra compact case tops are in the photo below.

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