Model F Keyboard Manual NOW AVAILABLE!

As always with these project updates, a reminder that you can still order your Brand New Model F Keyboard as well as add on accessories like the First Aid Kit for future repairs long after production has shut down.


Check out for the draft version of the Model F Keyboard Manual.


The manual includes how to set up your keyboard, information about Model F Keyboards, and troubleshooting (including what to do if you get your keyboard and a key does not work initially).  The very first things to do when you get your keyboard (or even beforehand!) should be to check out the included booklet as well as review the manual.


I’d appreciate it if those reading through the manual can offer additional content and/or corrections if something is not clear. You can email me additional paragraphs and sentences! Please do not copy and paste content from anywhere else unless you receive permission and attribute the source.

It is aimed at helping owners of both the original keyboards as well as the reproductions.

It will help provide buckling spring owners (everyone from beginners to advanced users) with a central place to learn key re-seating, disassembly, spring replacement, changing the layout, etc.


The August project update will be forthcoming, but Brand New Model F Keyboards continue to ship and we passed 400 keyboards shipped about a month ago!  The factory is focusing on getting the second container shipment of keyboards ready to go later this year, as well as on setting up the dye sublimation to put the legends on the keys.