First Shipment of Keys + Now in Stock! Unprinted Key sets, stabilizer inserts, inner foam

The very first key sets are now in stock and ship tomorrow!  First ones going out are Industrial SSK blue and dark gray.

I can ship more keys-only orders if you wanted your set early (the keyboards will not ship early; unprinted key sets only for now); please message me!

Now in stock and ready to ship:  unprinted key sets, horizontal and vertical stabilizer inserts, flippers with springs, and inner foam for original and new Model F keyboards.

They did not mail enough space bar wire stabilizers so I can only send 3 more sets for the time being if you want the wire stabilizer (I can also send out sets without the stabilizer).

Below is the list of expected key set contents. The installed printed key sets will get the full 104 keys, plus an extra printed 1U “0 Ins” key for those F77’s with their right side block.

A mountain of keys!



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