Quick November Update – Production phase finished, currently in assembly phase

As noted in a prior update, production on all parts finished successfully and met the Model F quality standards.  We are currently in the assembly phase.

You can still place your Brand New Model F Keyboard order this month if you have not done so already; I have ordered extra keyboards beyond what was ordered by everyone.

The assembled spring samples arrived this week. Machine 1 is still producing perfect assemblies but machines 2 and 3 need some adjustment.

The difference in the sound output upon key press and release is noticeable with improperly attached springs so I do not want to proceed with using those two machines until they are on the quality level of Machine 1.

I was hoping for a quicker turnaround on the spring attacher machine repair work but the final months of the year are the busiest for the factories unfortunately.  I have asked the factory to start full assembly with Machine 1 for now to save time.

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