Quick project update 4-4-17

Quick project update 4-4-17

451 F62/F77 Keyboards ordered so far – over $210,000 in total orders!

F77 216
F62 166
Industrial SSK Blue Keys 61
Front-printed keys F1, etc. 49
Extra steel spacebar tabs (pair) 43
Extra inner foam (F62, F77, F62 split shift, F77 split shift, F107, F122) 40
Compact F77 40
Extra Set of Brand New Production XT-quality one-piece keys 38
FirstAidKit 36
Compact F62 29
Extra F77 Case 21
Extra F62 Case – ‘Kishsaver” 21
Apple/Mac Command-Option Keys 21
xwhatsit Beam Spring or Model F USB controller 17

The factory is waiting on a subcontractor/supplier for finishing some of the first run parts (hard anodizing, etc.) and another national holiday is this week so that has caused some delays (Tomb Sweeping Day).  Originally they were hoping to have the first run prototype parts shipped by the end of March but now we are looking at mid-April.  Once these final parts are approved production can finish on all parts!

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