Washington DC and NJ Meetups this month + September Production Update

I will be at the Washington DC meetup on Saturday 9/15 and the NJ meetup Sat. 9/22 if anyone wants to try out the new Model F keyboards.

The 200,000 keys are expected to finish later this week. The 199,000 remaining springs finished production and are being packaged for transport to the factory doing the assembly.


Those are the last two parts of the keyboards themselves.  We still have the packaging, assembly, and dye sub to complete.  The plan as noted earlier this year is to have the assembly finish for everything and have the keys assembled to sheets so that I can dye sub and then press on to the keyboards without having to complete the dye sub and mail it back to the factory.  Check out the IBM Model F keyboard production video I linked to in a recent update for the inspiration.


This way I can do a bit of dye sub and mail out those keyboards as the dye sub is completed for that keyboard, saving months of time.


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