We reached $600,000 today! + Production Status Update

Today we reached the $600,000 mark for Brand New Model F Keyboard orders!

Thanks to everyone for their patience with the factory on the journey towards brand new Model F keyboards made to IBM’s standards.

As noted in the prior update, assembly started this month with the 1,000 production springs/flippers and the final two remaining parts were approved and entered production earlier this month (200,000 keys and 199,000 springs).  They are still working on producing those springs and keys.  The other keyboard parts all finished production a while back and are awaiting assembly.  The Carolina Blue ultra compact cases came out a darker shade of blue than specified, so I have ordered additional units to be made with Carolina Blue – if anyone wants the darker blue cases that look great (see photo below) please message me.  A few Carolina Blue cases have not yet sold out in case anyone’s interested.

The 200,000 key production is moving along nicely and should be finished in the coming weeks.  Below is a photo of one box of completed 1U keys.  After that is the dye sub.


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